Happy Fall!

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One really Faithful Geyser, this

Napa is almost synonymous with wine. Step into Napa Valley and you’ll lose count of the number of vineyards and wineries you will see. It had been a while since I had been to California’s wine country and it was beckoning to me but as I was going through a… Read>>

Catching Light | Sunlit Valley

Catching the light on a sunlit valley somewhere in Monterey California. I caught this sight during a drive from Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA to the Bay Area. Linking this post to the meme:  Catching Light Thank you for the votes, Indibloggers. 🙂 For pictures from the road, Like/Follow Tipsy From The Trip on  Facebook.  Come,… Read>>

Catching some sundown-light

Just after a sunset at Sunset Beach in Watsonville, California. Linking to the meme: Catching the light You might also like: Sunset at Sunset Beach For pictures from the road, Like/Follow Tipsy From The Trip on  Facebook.  Come, Trip with us. 😉  You may also like — Sunset at Sunset Beach Pinto Lake:… Read>>

A brush with California’s volcanic and glacial past

There’s a state on the west coast of the United States that’s known for its beaches, its wine country, it’s Pacific Coast drives, it’s entertainment capital, even its history of earthquakes. What a lot of people don’t talk about is that California has had many a brush with volcanic activity… Read>>

Trying to catch the Bay Lights

Bay Lights on the Bay Bridge Bay Bridge The Bay Bridge is one of the bridges that runs across the San Francisco Bay in California. This bridge that connects East Bay to West Bay runs between the cities of San Francisco and Oakland. Since 2013, this busy double-deck bridge has had… Read>>

Catching light on a Steller’s Jay

A Steller’s Jay at Big Basin, California This Jay, here in the picture had come to sit by our table just outside the snack bar at Big Basin SP, hoping to get some morsels from the park visitors. Big Basin is a Redwood State Park in California. And Steller’s Jays… Read>>