An amateur angling adventure

One laid back afternoon we were catching up with some friends and talking about the ‘must-see’ and the ‘have-seen’ places in and around here when a fishing destination came...

One laid back afternoon we were catching up with some friends and talking about the ‘must-see’ and the ‘have-seen’ places in and around here when a fishing destination came into discussion. This having awoken a childhood memory in hubby, he jumped at the proposal to go-a-fishing.

Fast forward to the next weekend and we found ourselves with fishing rods and bait, heading to Quarry Lakes. Situated in Fremont, California, Quarry Lakes houses the Horseshoe Lake, Rainbow Lake, Willow Slaugh and Lago Los Osos. There is also a pond here. This area that once catered to the lithos needs of  the western section of the transcontinental railway, has been developed into a picnic place and a fishing spot along with some hiking trails and a swim beach.

It was a sunny Sunday when we drove to the Quarry Lakes Park. In groups big and small, people were out to have some fun. Some people had put up gazebos and there were others who occupied every shady spot in sight. Barbecue grills were smoking away. Children were running around and a few lucky pooches on leashes were being treated to a walk in the beautiful environs of Quarry Lakes. The footpaths of the park were lined with wild flowers and the lovely Horseshoe Lake was gleaming in the Summer sun. On the pier were a few anglers busy with their rods.

Where we come from, fishing is not much of a sport or even a pastime. As such, the idea of hunting for finned creatures was looked forward to with great hope and excitement. After a couple of entanglement issues with the line and the men thinking they had figured out how to hold the rod and operate the reel, we walked down the metal pier of Horseshoe lake. The baits were hooked and rods were lowered to the waters of the lake. The clock ticked and sun moved to its zenith but nothing seemed to be happening as far as the fishing was concerned. We even wondered if there were any fish at all.

It was a couple of hours later, after a picnic lunch and some rest beneath a small tree, that some of the pieces fell into place. Thanks to a good Samaritan who shared some of his valuable fishing know-how, there finally was a decent first lesson. We learnt that there was a way to throw the line into the lake and the kinds of rods you needed to catch different species of fishes.

Frankly I was taken aback when he at first asked
what kind of fish we were looking for. I found myself thinking “Anything! just about anything as long as the hooks picked up something by the end the day.” That was when he went on to say what kind of fish would be found in the middle of the lake and what species preferred to stay near the banks. Now that did make sense. You really have to know your fish in order to fish.

After several attempts with the rod, we had to call it a day. It also happened that it was the hottest day in the SF Bay Area. The sun was as sharp as ever even at six in the evening and the heat had taken a toll on us. As for the fishing trip, the catch was bad (read nothing) but we had some lessons to take home; including: never to go fishing on a day when the weather forecast said  ‘very hot’.

P.S. One wise man is quoted having said, “The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.”
So we’ll go fishing again. Watch this space for more adventures with the rod.

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