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  • Muir Woods

    Muir Woods – A redwood forest just outside San Francisco

    “Muir Woods National Monument is the best tree-lovers monument that could possibly be found in the forests of the world,” said the famous naturalist John Muir, about the 500-odd acres of land in California that has been named after him. Situated a few miles north of San Francisco, Muir...
  • Patterson Pass

    The hills are alive again

    East of San Francisco Bay Area in California lies a mountain range known for its considerably low hills that are dry in the summer but turn green when winter rains call upon the area. This chain of hills called the Diablo Range is alive again thanks to the many...
  • Our World: Point Reyes Beach North

    It’s winter here, the kind that is true to Northern California,with low temperatures and snow on the mountain ranges and foothills, and of course rain. This year winter seems to be serving California with so much rain that some areas in the state have tasted flood and many other...
  • An amateur angling adventure

    One laid back afternoon we were catching up with some friends and talking about the ‘must-see’ and the ‘have-seen’ places in and around here when a fishing destination came into discussion. This having awoken a childhood memory in hubby, he jumped at the proposal to go-a-fishing. Fast forward to...
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