Fiesta plan flops :(

With Halloween just around the corner, we’d heard of the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin festival. So I looked it up on the internet and all I wanted to do...
With Halloween just around the corner, we’d heard of the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin festival. So I looked it up on the internet and all I wanted to do was just go for it. Everything about it was inviting: the activities, the things to see and the mere size of the event. I had just learnt that the world’s pumpkin capital was less than an hour’s drive away.

The 41st Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin festival was held last weekend and we’d chosen to go on the second (and last) day. It was a Sunday and so we were not up very early. But we had to see go to the pumpkin festival and so set out at around 11 in the morning. I looked forward to the seeing the pumpkin carving, watching the pie-eating contests, check out the festival food and taste some pumpkin ale.

As we tuned into Highway 92, this was what we saw

This was just the beginning

We were just about 9.4 miles away from our destination, so we thought a traffic jam would not really hurt. But the clock kept ticking and it took us a little over 2 hours (TWO hours) to cover the next five miles. Phew! Now Half Moon Bay seemed light years away. It looked like it would take at least another 2 hours to get to Half Moon Bay (by then it would be 4 o’clock) and yet another hour to find some parking (by then it would be closing time). Yes, the festival was supposed to be from 9am to 5pm. It didn’t look like we would make it. So we thought we’d find our way back and go do something better than spend the rest of the day on the road but the road divider prevented us from getting away from the bumper-to-bumper situation. The moment the divider gave way we took a U-turn and rushed out of there. On the way back, we passed miles and miles of cars trying to make it to Half Moon Bay, passengers had fallen asleep in the slow-moving traffic. And some drivers were probably swearing at the situation and the divider that ran for miles. I wonder if the last car in the line ever left `92′ before dark ๐Ÿ˜

About an hour into the wait, the place looked like this. But wait, there’s more…
Bumper-to-bumper traffic all the way down to the festival. (I was thankful for the scenery, though)

Next year we should try to make it on day one, that too, as early as possible. (Make a note of that,  If you have not thought of visiting this festival you might want to, after u see this In the meantime, let me wish that the the Half Mon Bay Beautification Committee plans on extending the festival beyond those 2 days.

Some old pics from Half Moon Bay: Francis Beach, Half Moon Bay

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