• Tina Liddie art

    Found in Saratoga

    In the fall, we had been to Saratoga, CA to see some fall colors at Hakone Gardens, a Japanese Garden in the city. Later as we drove through Saratoga Village, we found that there was so much colour all over the city. In the middle of all that fall...
  • Splashes of fall-color at Hakone Gardens

    Visit a Japanese Garden once and you’ve visited them all. But there’s no getting tired of them. The look of a Japanese Garden and the feel that takes over you once you are inside one of these gardens, is like nothing else. They are landscaped to fill you with...
  • Saratoga Village in Fall

    Saratoga Village in all its fall colors

    When it’s ‘fall’ and you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, you see some yellow on a tree here and red on another, there. If you are looking for more than just splashes of fall-foliage here and there, you might want to look up streets that are flanked by...
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