The woods are lovely, dark and deep

A Big Basin sneak peek.  That is exactly what this post is going to be.  This is from my very first visit to the Big Basin Redwood State Park in California. It was normal, fine looking day in San Jose, California when we decided to go see Big Basin. But as we drove to the state park, the weather began to show a different colour. It turned gloomy on way and went on to get foggy and then rainy.

So when were up in the hills where Big Basin is, it was raining. And so we ended up having our picnic lunch in the car and taking a little stroll when the rains seemed to have gone for its lunch. These pictures are from the little time we spent there in the Redwood park. It is only a small collection of photographs, but they come with a promise to show you more of the place, sometime. I repeat, this is just a Big Basin sneak peek:

Big Basin sneak peek. – A Photo feature of the drenched wooded destination.

The woods really were lovely, dark and deep…
Big Basin sneak peek
Big Basin sneak peek
Big Basin sneak peek
Big Basin sneak peek
Big Basin sneak peek

… And I have places to go before I sleep.

Added later: From  another trip to Big Basin Redwood State Park —
A redwood route for a hike with a tyke 
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