Capitola’s own Venice

Capitola Venetian

I have to do justice to the ‘little Italy’ part of my previous post Capitola Village and its little Italy. So here’s posting some pictures of the Capitola Venetian, the Mediterranean-style hotel that I said I couldn’t take my eyes off.

I haven’t given up the idea of spending an evening at the Capitola Venetian. When I actually get to do that, I’ll bring back pictures of all the architectural details I can get. Till then, I’m going to be drooling over these images.

Capitola Venetian
Capitola Venetian
Capitola Venetian
Capitola Venetian
Capitola Venetian
Capitola Venetian
Capitola Venetian
Capitola Venetian
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  1. wonderful place to unwind!

  2. looks like a peaceful place. i remember that third photograph from one of ur previous posts. it looks like India in last 3 or 4 photographs :D.

    excellent photographs. Nambiar, u r a professional photographer.

    • A 'peaceful' place it is. That's right, there was an image from the same angle in my previous post about Capitola.
      There are some places in India that look somewhat like this with all those colours; like the houses you generally see in hill-stations, right? Out here this multi-coloured property stands out like a piece of seaside Italy. It's out-of-place in a nice way 🙂
      Thanks Deb. I actually have a long way to go. I would love to work on my photography. Thank you for appreciating the effort. 🙂

  3. Nice place, and your 'speaking' pics, DN, make it even more inviting!

    • My speaking pics? What a nice thing to say. Thank you AA. 🙂 Actually there's a small description about this place in the last post titled Capitola and its little Italy.

  4. What a magical place, loved the pictures!!

  5. Wonderful pictures. What a clever holiday idea.

    • Thank you Mr. Dasgupta. Clever, isn't it? I believe this came about as a result of a Mediterranean revival project some time in the 1920s. Now it seems like a quite a big attraction in a small seaside village. (It's a quiet place, tho').

  6. Beautiful place. Mesmerizing pics!!

    • Thanks Ramakanth. It really is a beautiful place. The colours stand out against the blue sea and other buildings that are painted in relatively sober colours.

  7. Very nice place ! And well framed pictures too.

  8. These lovely images are definitely worth a drool!

  9. Nice colorful place!!! Your photographs highlight the beauty of the place.

  10. Your keeping our eyes also glued to the nice photographs and location.

  11. Wow, this is beautiful! I so want to be there right now!

  12. Wow nice & beautiful, i like it.

  13. Nice photographs and place

    thanks for sharing

  14. D.Nambiar,

    Your photography really improved a lot than your older post's

    • Thank you Deepu. I have a better camera now; didn't have it when I started blogging.
      BTW, I'm open to criticism from people like you who really know your photography ok :)So do let me know how I can improve.

      Thank you for coming by, again 🙂

  15. loved that alley in the 5th picture. surreal!

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  17. Great! I am not getting blind! The pink and the blue house DO look like made up of jelly and candy and other sweet stuff! See, another blogger has also called it surreal! 😀
    It must be a beautiful place to be Dee, as in the pictures at least, time seems to have stopped here. It reminds me so much of my native place in the sense of a close-knit neighbourhood, because of the alley perhaps!
    A great post! 🙂

  18. It is such a pretty sight with all those colourful walls, the Mediterranean architecture and the flowers that pretty up the place. We recently went there again and it was just as gorgeous.,

    Nice to see you back here, Kokila. <3

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