Glimpses: Oregon Zoo

Every Zoo has them Giraffes, Tigers and Lions. However there is usually something to set each one apart from the rest. Some zoos stand out because they have animals from a particular geographical area, some, because they they have only a few barely-heard-of animals. (Read: Oakland’s own Little Africa | Exotic animals of Happy Hollow) And some zoos have a few animals whose images stay with us long after we have visited. Next in line was the Oregon Zoo in Portland.

It was on a cold Pacific Northwestern Spring day that we found ourselves strolling (with a newborn in a stroller and a happy four year old skipping beside it) around Oregon Zoo.  The zoo was seeing a lot of maintenance work and it didn’t seem to be in its full glory but there were some animals that stood out:

Rocky Mountain Goat, Oregon Zoo
Rocky Mountain Goat
Western Painted Turtles, Oregon Zoo
Western Painted Turtles
Wood Duck, Oregon Zoo
Wood Duck
Bats, Oregon Zoo
Bats aplenty!. Go here and you will never complain of not having seen bats.
Nile Monitor, Oregon Zoo
Nile Monitor
Polar Bear, Oregon Zoo
A playful Polar Bear and his best friend — a red ball.
Black and White Colobus Monkey
Black and White Colobus Monkey
Bald Eagle, Oregon Zoo
Bald Eagle
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  1. Wonderful!! Glad you shared these.

  2. Love these little creatures… but how come your posts are not coming in my email ? it seems I missed quiet a few posts…

  3. great photos self explanatory

  4. I would love to see those expressions of 'four year old' 🙂 Well, if you are in Oregon just check out Oregon Gardens too. I found it a great place for numerous flowers and butterflies!

  5. Amazing pics of the zoo inmates, Divya! Lovely post! Wishing you and your family a happy Diwali:)

  6. Well taken all of them. I like such action shots. 🙂

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