Monday Mural: Found in Mill Valley

Fish-shaped mural in Mill Valley, California.

On a surf shop in Mill Valley, CA is a fish-shaped mural; a very colourful one at that. I’m wondering if this piece of art is a work by  Zio Ziegler, an artist from the area. I remember seeing another mural of his in a big city called San Francisco, near here. And I realize I see the same style –a figure filled with lots of details.

Fish-shaped mural in Mill Valley, California.

Coming back to the fish — or should we call it a shark — in Mill Valley, I’ve seen this one a few times, on my trips to Marin county and further north. It stands close to where Highway 1 and 101 fork and for me, it seems to have become a reminder that it’s time to take the left prong that takes us towards that part of the Pacific Highway that’s called the Shoreline Highway.

I’ve even photographed that artwork several times. A few weeks back as we headed to Muir Woods I saw it again and this time, it gets to go up on the blog for Mural Monday (Hosted by Oakland Daily Photo).

The tail of the fish-shaped mural, Mill Valley, CA

If you’d like to see the Zio Ziegler Mural I came across in SF, visit — Found in San Francisco


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  1. Wonderful, hope they repair it though before there is much more damage

    • Welcome here, Becky.
      You noticed the paint/ outer layer pealing off the tail of the fish, didn’t you? 🙂 Yeah, let’s hope it’ll be taken care of. This mural has been there for over 3 years. Let’s hope that it will have a long life there.

  2. The decoration reminds me a bit of the aboriginal art works of Australia without pinpointing it. Nice one.

    • I’m sure.
      I know what you mean. Most aboriginal works seem to have closely placed details like that within the body of that fish.

      Thank you for coming this way, SC. 🙂

  3. this is awesome, i really like it!

  4. I would really love to know more about the details, the artist must have something in mind while creating it.

    Good to read about your visit to Muir Woods too, reminds me of our experience.

    • I believe it’s the artist’s style of art.

      Yeah, every now and then I feel like seeing some redwoods. 😀 Last time, the destination was Muir Woods. 🙂 It’s beautiful, is it not?

  5. Nice Blog… Keep it up with your good post 🙂

  6. This art work resembles Gaudi’s style a lot..the colours look lovely..Gaudi used a lot of mosaic chips and made art works almost everywhere in Barcelona! 🙂

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