Trying to catch the Bay Lights

Bay Lights, Bay Bridge, San Francisco
Bay Lights on the Bay Bridge
Bay Lights
Bay Bridge

The Bay Bridge is one of the bridges that runs across the San Francisco Bay in California. This bridge that connects East Bay to West Bay runs between the cities of San Francisco and Oakland. Since 2013, this busy double-deck bridge has had an art installation of a different kind on its western stretch. Called Bay Lights, this is a display of light; of thousands of LED lights — to be precise — making patterns on its suspension and support cables. The artist who conceived this idea for the Bay Bridge is Leo Villareal.

Bay Light Facts (from the official site):

  • The largest light displays in the world
  • It is 18 miles wide and 500 feet hight
  • There are a total of 25,0000 white led lights that make up this piece of art.
  • The Bay Lights is supposed to be a temporary installation that is to be up till 2015. (If the project gets donations to keep it ‘on’ longer, it might continue to light up Bay Bridge for a longer period.)
Bokeh, Bay Bridge
Bay Lights
Bay lights, San Francisco
Bay Bridge from the San Francisco side

The above pictures were taken without the help of a tripod (and some are from a moving car). They aren’t the best pictures of the installation. So here is a link that will show you ‘motion pictures’ of Bay Lights – Bay Lights video

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  1. Wow!! That makes a wonderful display!! I do hope they make it permanent! My favourite of your images is actually the blurred one!!

  2. I´m not sure I have seen this one before. Very beautiful and I like the BOKEH effect.

    • I'm glad you are seeing it here for the first time. 😉
      I swear, these pictures do not do justice to this artwork.

      Thank you so much Monica; this Bokeh is a first for me. 🙂

  3. Whoa…those are very nice captures♪

  4. Beautiful… really stunning effects with lights in the night..the third picture is so dream like….

    • Thanks Prasad. You should check it out, the next time you are in the Bay Area. I bet your pictures will be so much better than these.

      That was my first attempt at Bokeh. When I put the pic up, I was thinking I should have put more effort into that and should have taken more pictures like that.

  5. Beautiful when it is lit up! Nice shots.

  6. Pretty captures of the lights at night..Stopping in from Our World, have a happy week!

  7. very pretty. looks like your captured them real well.

  8. Lovely captures of the San Francisco Bay Bridge! Recently moved and now live 3 hrs. from there, so I hope we'll get to see this some time! Beautiful captures!

  9. That some interesting trivia and beautiful shots. Love the new look of your blog.

  10. Fab shots, which prompted memories of a great time in San Francisco – thanks! #ourworldtuesday

  11. Delightful shots D ! illuminated bridge …. and the trivia is interesting as well 🙂

    • Thank you, Kokila. Those lights are actually prettier than they look in the pics. You must see the designs those lights make; I hear the patterns are not repeated. There should be videos on YouTube.

  12. Seoul has pretty lights on its bridges too. I am not sure they have moving lights. It looks gorgeous through your eyes!

    • Yeah? 🙂
      Show me, show me. I've really been enjoying seeing Seoul through YOUR eyes. 🙂

      And about Bay Lights, those designs that those LED lights make patterns that don't repeat. Better still, they claim that it's influenced by the traffic on the Bay Bridge. Some day, I would love to take take that bridge to East Bay when the lights are on. 🙂

      Thank you, Meoww.

  13. The one with the bokeh effect was my favorite. Such pretty pictures, really!

  14. Nice lighting in these. great images.

  15. Wow! Given the circumstances, super shots!!

  16. These are beautiful pictures of the bridge, love them Divya 🙂

  17. Some really interesting facts compliments with great shots! Great post:)

  18. The bokeh looks truly amazing!

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