Monday Mural | Found in San Jose

Diablo mural, San Jose.

One day — a couple of years ago — on a stroll through the ‘Capital of Silicon Valley,’ I came across this mural beside one of the ‘light rail’ stations in the downtown area.  I’d like to call it the Diablo mural because this mural from San Jose, CA looks like the dry, rolling hills of the Diablo Range that lies east of the city.

The Diablo range is made up of pretty-low lying rolling hills that are dry for the most part of the year. The post — Vistas from California’s Devil Mountain will show you what the mountain range looks like when it is in it’s dry stage.  Come winter and the hills come alive and makes a landscape of green rolling hills. See that here — Snaking through several shaded of green. 

Coming back to the Diablo mural, I see that the Artist is Jet Martinez.
[artist info: found on]

Diablo mural, San Jose.
Here’s a clearer and better shot of the  Diablo mural.
I went around the station to find a better view of this wall art.


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  1. A perfect example of the heartening use of murals for public art. Thanks for contributing to this week's Monday Mural.

  2. Lovely capture, Divya 🙂

  3. A huge one and nice to watch at waiting at a busstop.

  4. Well done! I like this one.

  5. A wonderful addition to the streetscape.

  6. Nice. In Bengaluru also, year back we used to see these kind, but that was Inidian paintings. Hope you remember 🙂

    • Oh yeah, Bengaluru has a lot of murals. Some of them need a little touch up.
      Earlier this year or last year, I took a few pics of some murals on Old Madras Road. Maybe I should put them up next week. 😉

      I hope you are doing great, Ranjana.

  7. Beautiful! Changes the total perspective of the place.

    • So right.
      And this seems to be one of the most pleasant murals I've every seen.

      Thank you for stopping by, Nomad. So sorry for the late response. I was without internet for a couple of weeks.

  8. that is a beautiful mural … much better than the usual graffiti


  9. I found your post while browsing through some travel offers randomly. What a beautiful mural! It’s one of the most pleasant ones I have ever come across. Totally changes the look of the place!

  10. Hi Divya… wonderful to read your blog after a looong time. 🙂 How have you been?

    Lovely mural! Very artistic and looks very natural. 🙂

    • Raaaaaj! Lowwwwwng time indeed.
      Welcome back to the blogosphere. We'd been missing you. I'm doing well. How about you? I read your post on your status as 'new father.' Such an adorable piece. Congratulations again.

      Thank you for coming by.
      I look forward to reading more of you. Happy 2016.

  11. awesome click Dee… been missing you on Drishti… 🙂

    • Hey Archana,
      Thank you, girl.
      There was too much happening so I had to put blogging aside for a bit. But I'm back. See you on Drishti super-soon.
      Happy New Year to you two. 🙂

  12. Neat work there, well captured!
    Happy new year to you D! 🙂

  13. That's a lovely mural indeed, well captured through your lens. A Very Happy New Year to you.


    Style.. A Pastiche! – – Visit me sometime!

  14. I seem to have missed at treasure here. Thanks for all those links, and the refreshing mural here.

    • How are you doing USP?
      I found that I had just randomly clicked a lot of pictures of Murals; I seem to get attracted to those colours. So when I came across a meme for murals, I jumped for it. Now I'm going to be looking out for more murals 😉

      Happy New Year, USP. 🙂

  15. Eyecatching indeed! Happy New Year Divya:)

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