One morning on Payyambalam Beach

payyambalam-beach, KannurWhen one is visiting Kerala on India’s west coast, there’s no missing the beaches. Northern Kerala has several unassuming beaches and even the ones that are popular among the locals are pretty quiet in the mornings. One such beach is the Payyambalam Beach* in Kannur District in North Kerala.

In the am hours, Payyambalam Beach is a serene strip of land offering sweeping view of the Arabian Sea on one side and the rich greenery of Kerala on the other side. We were on the Beach on May morning (the year before last) and it was pretty hot and we had a long day ahead of us so we didn’t spend much time there. But I did take a few pictures Β while I surveyed the surroundings and took in the sea breeze.

This is what Payyambalam Beach looks like in the mornings:

Road beside Payyambalam Beach

*Payyambalam Beach has a coastline of around 3 kilometers and it is only a couple of kilometers away from the city. When the Calendar turns into the month of June the Southwest Monsoon hits the state bringing with it rains that lash these parts for three to four months. So if you are planning to visit the Kerala Coast, you might want to visit before or after the ‘rainy season.’

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  1. How lovely to have the beach all to yourself! Lovely shots.

  2. 2nd Roadside pic is awesome.

  3. The beach looks idyllic and lot less touristy, a great spot to relax watching the sun go down with the waves hitting the shores

  4. Gorgeous captures all!

  5. Lovely beach, tranquility, palm trees and a conversation with self is what we all need πŸ™‚

  6. Great captures, Divya. I like the way you communicate through your camera. You have an eye for nature’s beauty. πŸ™‚

  7. One of mt favourite beaches where we had our bonfire at 2 am after winning the Interzone…that was Some time back!!! πŸ™‚

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