Sierra Nevada

  • High Camp, Squaw Valley

    The scenic snow-clad slopes of Squaw Valley

    Over the Spring Break when the winter storms were almost winding up for the season, we decided to hit the road, and make our way towards the snow-clad mountain range aptly named the Sierra Nevada. Sierra in Spanish means mountains and Nevada means, snow-covered. This chain of mountains lies...
  • Folsom Lake, California

    Our World: Folsom Lake

    The weekend before last we drove through Patterson Pass Road and saw what the rains had done to the Diablo Range this winter. Then last weekend we went east to see Folsom Lake, a reservoir whose level has been an indication of how bad California’s-drought-of-five-years has been. Folsom Lake, which...
  • Pristine Lake Tahoe

    It was the colours of Lake Tahoe that I found most fascinating. We first spotted the Lake from the mountain roads that led to South Lake Tahoe. The lake was several miles away but we could see a bluish green surface from the distance. However, when we were finally driving...
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