Found: Capitola mural in Capitola

Capitola Mural by Luke Lamar, Capitola, CA. Capitola in California’s Central Coast– in Santa Cruz county to be exact — has a lot of street art all over town. Having shown you some art on a doorway, a rain forest mural and the tiled seawall, it is time to bring to you you a two-storied mural of a seaside landscape, that I came across on a stroll through Capitola Village. After having a good look at it and zooming in to look at the details, I think this might be a Capitola mural or a mural of Capitola Village itself.

I think I see the hills that surround Capitola, some houses of the village and maybe even the Capitola Venetian. What makes me believe this IS a mural of Capitola, is what looks like the Soquel creek that flows through here and empties itself in Monterey Bay.

Have you been to Capitola? Have you seen this mural by artist Luke Lamar? Doesn’t this look like a mural of this seaside village?

Capitola Mural by Luke Lamar, Capitola, CA. Capitola Mural by Luke Lamar, Capitola, CA. Capitola Mural by Luke Lamar, Capitola, CA.

Capitola Mural by Luke Lamar, Capitola, CA.

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  1. Great art. I am spellbound. Thanks for this exceptional piece, Divya. 🙂

  2. Certainly a local landscape. Very nice piece

  3. Huge mural, very well done!

  4. I am not sure about Capitola, but it sure looks a great work of art ☺️

  5. …a work of art on a grand scale.

  6. The artist has created a complete sea/landscape in a single frame. If you have not captured the sides it would look like one giant painting in a gallery

    • I’m sure. 🙂 The inclusion of the sides of the building was done on purpose – to show how big it is.

      Thank you for visiting, Prasad. 🙂

  7. Wow, the mural looks beautiful! And yes it does resemble a quaint seaside village.

  8. Awesome Art. l love it?

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