Found on Capitola Beach: A seawall of Tile Art

Tile art on Capitola's Seawall This week for Monday Mural, I’m taking you back to Capitola to show you some art-on-ceramic-tiles along a seawall in this seaside village on California’s Central Coast. This tile art — I hear — went up in 2008 and it was a community project.

Today, that seawall is a collage of tiles, each square a painting of its own with a picture and a signature. Put together, these ceramic tiles look like an outdoor art museum giving visitors and locals so much to look at.

Here’s how this community art project came about: As part of this tile art program people were apparently allowed to buy ceramic tiles of a certain size for $35 and do some artwork on it. And then they were all put together to make this show-of-tiles. Now that should explain the many signatures found on the tiles. Most of the tile art seem to have chosen ‘the seaside’ for a subject. We see sea water, beaches, surf and surfboards, sea horses, even bits of Capitola itself. (Can you spot a painting of Capitola Wharf? It looks like this)

Tile art on Capitola's Seawall Tile art on seawall, Capitola, CA

Tile art on seawall, Capitola, CA

Tile art on seawall, Capitola, CA - a community art project

The last picture in this post will tell you that these artworks on ceramic tiles were installed by Ted and Ryan Latshaw of Latshow Tile and Stone.


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  1. School kids must have done them, I assume.

    • I believe it’s mostly adults who did them. They didn’t have to be ‘artists’ to do it, is my understanding. 🙂

      Thank you for stopping by, Jim.

  2. That’s quite a colourful wall by the sea. I like it!

  3. That makes a colourful wall to look at while enjoying the seaside.

  4. Most interesting tiles. Looks like they were done by talented artists. Good post.

  5. Wonderfully creative and colorful project ~ delightful! Great photos ~ thanks,

    Wishing you delightful days in your week ~ ^_^

  6. Very beautiful tiles to look at while taking in the view of the ocean.

  7. Always something to learn here Divya:)

  8. This is such a unique piece of public artwork, so many people involved and each tile with very personal touch.

    • It is such a wonderful project, is it not? I can’t get it out of my head. I would love to have contributed to something like this.

      They must be so proud of it. 🙂

      And what a great ensemble!!!

  9. Such a wonderful community initiative!

  10. You and mural are inseparable. Lovely capture, Divya. Are tiles independent of each other or telling a story together?

  11. Ravish!!! Hi!!
    Long, long time. How have you been?

    Yeah, I guess. 😀 I seem to notice artwork wherever I see it. And I can’t help taking pictures of them. 🙂

    Ravish, they are actually independent tiles. In fact each one was done by an art enthusiast who wanted to put up a painting there and they were all put together to make this very attractive sea wall. It looks like you didn’t have to necessarily be an ‘artist’ to buy a tile and paint it for this project. How cool is that?! 🙂

    Thank you for the visit. 🙂

    • Hiiiiiiiiii

      Yes, quite a long time. I’m good and hope the same for you.

      Whenever I see murals, it reminds me of you.

      You are right you don’t have to be an artist to paint but an innocent child. The words immediately transported me to the painting competition of Tare Zameen Par.

      I always loved this space 🙂

  12. So beautiful. Awesome works.

  13. How lovely is that? We need an initiative like that on Worli Sea Face in Mumbai…

  14. That is a spectacular sight, Divya. My eyes stopped at the tile by ‘Kanady’, and many more that you chose to bring in closer focus.

    • It really is. I salute the person(s) who came up with the idea for this project.

      Kanady’s work is a painting of the Capitola Wharf. 🙂

      Thank YOU for making the time to come by and leave a comment, USP.

  15. A treat to the eyes ! Loving the colours 😀

  16. That is such a wonderful idea! All the tiles put together give a completely different vibe to the place altogether. Like the people are no longer there but their essence lingers on… truly a masterpiece.

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