World’s tallest free-standing totem pole!

A  few miles north of the Drive Thru Chandlier Tree is another tourist attraction literally nestled among  Redwood Trees of North California — a place called Confusion Hill (in Piercy, California). What drew us there was a structure that made it to the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not list as the tallest… Read>>

Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco – I

Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco. Check. This Japanese attraction had been on my list of places-to-visit ever since we did a five-hour city tour of San Francisco, back in 2010. I remember that September evening when a good chunk of the time allotted for De Young Museum and Japanese… Read>>

A garden of sculptures in San Francisco

Did you know: There’s a Sculpture Garden in San Francisco’s De Young Museum ? If you haven’t visited, yet, De Young Museum is situated in Golden Gate Park not very far from the Japanese Tea Garden. And it is right opposite California Academy of Science.  Here are pictures of a… Read>>

Postcard perfect: Seven Sisters or the Painted Ladies

Call them Seven Sisters or the Painted Ladies; these seven beautiful ladies add a dash of unequaled charm to the city called San Francisco. We all know that San Francisco cannot  quite be separated from its Victorian architecture but the Seven Sisters make a picture that will remain imprinted in one’s mind forever. I remember noticing these attractive homes in… Read>>

Golden Gate Bridge – A golden photo opportunity

It is big, bold, bright and beautiful. Painted in International Orange the Golden Gate Bridge stretches to length of over 2700 metres and dates back to the 1930s. A mark of strength and architectural prowess, this bridge adds so much of grandeur to the already scenic San Francisco Bay area.… Read>>